Denmark is fast-rising as a first class country in terms of quality of living and job opportunities. There is a high demand for professionals in Denmark Immigration Positive List – the field of health, IT, management and academics in Denmark today.  The Denmark immigration Positive List is a list indicating professions and fields of work that is currently in shortage of qualified personnel. The list is divided into categories such as:

  • Academic work
  • IT and telecommunication
  • Management
  • Educational, religious and social work
  • Sales, purchases and marketing
  • healthcare, personal care and health
  • Education

Broken down into actual job specifications, there are more than 60 professions listed in the Denmark immigration positive list. All professions require at least a Bachelor’s degree whilst some professions require a master’s degree and still others, a doctorate degree or PhD.

A person who has been offered a job in the Denmark immigration positive list by a Danish company will easily be issued a work permit. However it goes without saying that a written contract between the employer and the employee must be presented to immigration services. If the contract has not been drafted, a written job offer indicating salary and other pertinent data must be presented.

The duration of a work permit based on the Denmark immigration positive list expires at the maximum, three months before the holder’s passport expires. If a passport expires in 18 months, then the work permit is valid for up to 15 months only.

Some professions in the Denmark immigration positive list requires a Danish authorisation before the person can practice his profession. The professions that fall here are mostly in the field of health and healthcare such as medical doctors, dentists, nurses, radiographer, optician, physiotherapist, chiropractor, midwife and secondary school teacher in natural sciences and physical education.

There is a great need for engineers, teachers, IT personnel, doctors, nurses, accountants, lawyers, land surveyors, legal assistants in the country base on the Denmark immigration positive list.