The immigration of Denmark is well crafted. It is one of the best in Europe. Whilst it addresses the shortage of manpower skills on one hand through the Points Based Immigration Scheme and the Pay Limit Scheme, it has protective mechanisms for its citizens.

One, it puts a cap on the duration of the residency or work permits. The applicant is also limited on the number of dependents that he could bring in by putting an age limitation of below 18 years old. This procedure limits the number of immigrant workers to compete with its nationals.

Second, majority of the educational requirements of the job opening on its Positive List require a master’s degree at the minimum with maximum allowed points of 60. A PhD holder is given 80 points whilst a bachelor’s degree earner at 30 points only. In addition, Denmark has set up an equivalent category for every type of degree earned in some specific countries like Pakistan and India. This means that your degree would have to pass through Danish equivalent classification. This way, the immigration of Denmark would not be overwhelmed with under qualified applicants that would later become a burden of Denmark.

Third, if you earned the minimum 100 points required to qualify under the Denmark green card scheme, you have to produce a proof that you can stay financially in Denmark within the first year whilst looking for a job. Normally, you will be required to submit a current bank document attesting that you have a cash deposit under your name. If you are going to bring your family with you, it must also be supported with the same financial document that an equivalent amount for them is available. Below is the 2011 required monthly financial requirement before tax;

  1. For an applicant below 25 years old               DKK 5,367
  2. For an applicant who is above 25 years         DKK6,472
  3. For every person living with the applicant  DKK5,367

Aside from the above, an applicant is also required to provide a monthly caregiver supplement allowance per child below 18 years old living with the applicant (DKK1,342 for married and DKK 1,619 for single parents). The maximum allowed is for two children. This will guarantee that immigration to Denmark is not a boon but a boost to the economy. It is therefore apparent that immigration to Denmark has provided the safety valve to protect its labour market.

Immigration to Denmark is not only attracting many professionals around the globe. It likewise brings in funds that are spent in Denmark by the green card holders during their residency in Denmark.