Though Denmark is searching far and wide for great talents, they don’t also want to compromise. Thus, they set very high standards for skilled workers. If you want to secure a better-paying job or increase your chance of getting a Danish immigration green card, you may want to look into applying for a Denmark immigration visa for students.

There are three known programs for students: folk high school, higher education, and basic and youth. Of the three the best option is higher education.

Based on Denmark immigration rules for students under the higher education program, both you and the government-recognized school should process the application. Moreover, the program you’re planning to enroll in is duly accredited and approved by the government. It’s also essential you can prove your self-sufficiency by paying for at least a semester.

The duration of your residence permit depends on the length of the program. The good news is you can apply for an extension that’s good for 6 months after the end of the program, so you’ll have a chance to look for work.

Also, you can bring along your spouse and kids, an opportunity not offered by other student programs. However, you have to ensure that each family member can sustain himself or herself through a bank account balance of at least DKK 25,000. Fortunately, while you study, your spouse can look for a job.

It’s also advisable that you bring your family with you once you get accepted by Denmark Immigration Services for a higher education program since you cannot apply for family reunification while you’re searching out for a job.

A Good Job Tip:

If you can, don’t just study. Try to look for work on the side. The Ministry of Education permits foreign students to apply and secure work that shouldn’t exceed to 15 hours every week.