Anyone who holds a Denmark immigration green card shouldn’t just aspire to get a job. He or she should also work hard to obtain a permanent residence permit. It guarantees a lot of things, including the potential of gaining Danish citizenship as well as unlimited opportunities to look and find jobs.

But how do you exactly apply for one? There is a long list of requirements:

1. You should at least be 18 years old and a holder of a temporary residence permit for the past four years or more.

2. Using your Denmark immigration calculator, you must reach a total of 100 points. There are no ifs and buts here. You either meet the magic number, or you don’t.

3. There are three categories you should pass: supplementary requirements, 15 points; active citizenship, 15 points; and fundamental requirements, 70 points.

4. To get 15 points in active citizenship, you should take and pass an examination, as well as a member of organization for at least a year all throughout your stay.

5. You can pass the supplementary requirements if you have worked for at least four years before your application for permanent residence, as well as employed by the time of submission of requirements and application. You should also have undergone education in any of the programs of Denmark schools and pass the Danish language test (level 3).

6. You should strive to achieve all the fundamental requirements, which include the following:

• Legal residence for around 4 years
• No criminal record and public debts that are overdue
• Passing Danish language test level 2
• Submission of active citizenship and integration declaration
• Non-recipient of public assistance over the period of three years before submission of application
• Full-time employment of at least 2 ½ years 3 years before your application and employed during the time of application

What if you don’t reach 100 points? You can always apply for an extension of your temporary residence permit and redo the entire process once you can already meet all the requirements.